Industrial & Tank Cleaning services

We are one of the leading industrial & tank cleaning service providers for the region’s extensive storage terminals for the petroleum and petrochemicals industries. Oil & gas industry regulations require terminals to conduct tank cleaning as part of their periodic maintenance. We provide a full spectrum of cleaning services for storage terminals ranging from heavy fuel oil tanks to chemical tanks.

We own a fleet of modern cleaning equipment ranging from vacuum trucks, special pumps to high-pressure hydro jet systems that help to remove and transport the sludge extracted from the bottom of storage tanks. The sludge is treated then disposed via high temperature incineration.To learn more about GPSS Click Here.To Login to GPSS Click Here.



Working in the confined and flammable areas of storage tanks are both complex and dangerous operations, thus supplier reliability is of utmost importance. We always put safety first and are meticulous in our approach to tank cleaning. With over 20 years of experience in tank cleaning, our track record for safety and our quality services makes us the preferred partner for tank cleaning and maintenance.



We understand that downtime has a direct impact on our customers’ bottom line. Our experience and unique processes allow us to achieve maximum efficiency without compromising on safety. Our latest Greenchem Processes and Services System (GPSS) allows us to streamline processes through accurate project specifications and seamless communication with our customers, so that the job is done more systematically and thus more quickly.