Our Guarantee

We are proud to service the region’s largest oil and gas companies. Where safety and efficiency directly impact their bottom line, we have to be on the ball when working on projects through strict safety, environmental and time compliances.

Safety compliance

    • Hazardous waste material is volatile and must be handled

with maximum care, thus we hold occupational health and safety regulations with utmost regard.

    • Staff training

We hold rigorous training programs to keep our staff updated on the latest skillsets required to operate our machinery. In addition, on-going training for occupational health and safety regulations, for each aspect of our operations are held regularly. This ensures that safety is always top of mind for our staff.

    • Our list of compliance certificates/ISOs/accreditations/awards

      • ISO 9001 : 2015

      • ISO 14001 : 2015

      • Bizsafe Level 4

      • Association of Process Industry Member

    • Our Safety policy

We are committed to a “Zero Injuries” policy, meaning we have zero tolerance to injuries of any form. We take all measures to ensure that your safety is our responsibility:

      • We comply with the terms of all applicable Workplace Safety and Health Council including local laws and any applicable subsequent regulation.

      • We provide a safe and friendly working environment, safe handling equipment and clear information to every staff member.

      • We provide continuous and updated training on personal protection procedures and equipment.

      • Where risks to safety or health are to be assessed under any regulation, we will ensure that the assessment is carried out and that all necessary actions will be implemented.


Efficiency without compromising on safety

We know that time has a direct impact on our customer’s bottom line, so we work with maximum efficiency to ensure minimum downtime for our customers. We possess years of experience and technical expertise, thus we will never need to cut corners to get the job done quicker!


Environmental Compliance

Spent oil and chemical waste is extremely harmful when released untreated into the environment. Dumping of raw waste such as sludge can lead to toxic chemicals filtering through the earth and into our water ecosystems. The impact of this is highly destructive and the negative effects can be felt for generations. It is our pledge to adhere to environmental compliance through responsible waste management.

    • Waste water treatment

Our wastewater processing technology is based on a combination of bio-treatment, flocculation and filtering through activated carbon. This thorough filtration process results in a high level of purity of water that meets the NEA standards and can be discharged into public sewerage.

    • Responsible Extraction

In addition, incineration of unrefined waste not only means that more pollutants are released into the atmosphere, but also more of our earth’s precious resources are wasted. Our mission is to ensure we refine the waste material and extract the maximum amount of reusable resources, so that we can contribute to a greener tomorrow. In the end, it means that there is more resources left for tomorrow’s world.

    • Our Environmental Policy

      • We comply with all environmental legislations, regulations and industry guidelines relating to environment management. We pledge to work in close co-operation with regulatory authorities to improve the environment.

      • We pledge to minimise waste and introduce recycling initiatives to improve our environment performance, whenever it is economically viable